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8 Pumpkin Benefits for Your Dog

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Pumpkin doesn’t just make for a cute halloween costume, it is also a delicious flavour many people enjoy especially during the fall. While you are enjoying the taste of pumpkin this fall, why not let your dog in on the enjoyment too! This is why… Pumpkin Benefits for Dogs: 1) Pumpkin can ease digestion and help with controlling diarrhea For …

Durable Dog Toys Worth Buying for Your Dog

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Dogs love to play with and chew toys. There are lots of dog toys on the market but not all toys are durable or safe for all dogs to use. As a dog owner I have purchased many toys for my dog, a goldendoodle who loves to chew.  I know how frustrating it can be to purchase an expensive toy …

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The Importance of Walking Your Dog

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Exercise is an important part of giving your dog a happy, healthy life. Taking your dog on regular walks is a great way to give him the exercise he needs everyday. There are many benefits to walking your dog and I have outlined many of these benefits below. Physical Health Benefits Taking your dog on regular walks will help to …

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How Do Dogs Communicate With Each Other?

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Dogs use body language to communicate with other dogs. They use their head, eyes, eyebrows, teeth, wrinkles, ears, tails, hackles and body position to display emotion and intent to other dogs. These signs can be very subtle and change very quickly. Why is it Important for Humans to Understand How Dogs Communicate? It is important for us as humans to …

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8 Dog Walking Equipment Essentials

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Safety is Top Priority At Good Heels Dog Walking Services  safety is our number one priority when client’s dogs are in our care. An important aspect of keeping dogs safe is using proper equipment. By ensuring we select high quality, proper fitting equipment that is appropriate for each individual dog we can maintain a high level of control while minimizing …

Teaching Your Dog to Heel

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What Does it Mean for a Dog to Heel? The “heel” cue means that the dog must walk directly beside the person walking him, not in front or behind. The dog must stay with the person walking him at all times, keeping at the same pace and only walking when the person is walking. Why Would I Want My Dog …

Loose Leash Dog Walking 101

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  Dogs Love to Pull. You Can Train Them Not To It is in a dog’s very nature to want to wander around, explore and sniff things while outdoors. When a dog pulls on the leash to try to sniff things it can be very frustrating for you as the owner.  Being able to train your dog to be good …