Learn how to prevent and treat pet injuries and illnesses before they happen!

This 10 hour course will teach you the skills you need to assist a pet as a first responder until qualified Veterinarian assistance is obtained.

Topics Include:

Preventative Medicine


Airway Obstruction

Artificial Respiration

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Bleeding & Wounds

....And Many More!

Why Walks 'N' Wags?:

Live Dogs In Every Class

Hands-On Learning

Focus on both Dogs & Cats

Veterinarian Approved


Course Graduate Testimonials

  • "Knowing Pet First Aid is like having a fire extinguisher. Hopefully you never need it but if you do, you'll be glad you have it" - Lisa K

  • "Would recommend this to anyone who has pets" - Mekkino

  • "Highly Recommended!!" - Kaity Vanderkooy

  • "Great course! Lyndsay was a fabulous instructor, easy to understand and very welcoming and helpful" - Kelsey Gill

  • "I highly recommend" - May Chou

Upcoming Dates

November 21 2021

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February 6 2022

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April 10 2022

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June 19 2022

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Course Fee: $155 + GST