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Vancouver Dog Friendly Off-Leash Parks

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Now that the temperature outside is getting warmer and the sun is out more often I see a lot more dogs out and about with their owners. One of the places that lots of people take their dogs to is local off-leash parks. Allowing dogs to go off-leash gives them freedom to run around and explore on their own. Dog parks provide excellent socialization opportunities for dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs and play nicely with other dogs. I have composed a list of some of the off-leash dog parks and trails in Vancouver to give you an idea of what is out there and what I think of them so you can decide which ones are worth taking your dog to.

Hinge Park (Olympic Village)

Hinge dog park Vancouver; gate to divide little and big dogs  Dogs in Hinge Dog Park Olympic Village Vancouver; view of the city across False Creek


-215 W. 1st Avenue
-along the beautiful False Creek seawall, in the heart of Olympic village


-fenced in dog park
-separate small dog and large dog areas. Gate is often left open so all dogs can play together but there is the option to shut the fence to separate when needed.
-water pumps and bowls to keep dogs hydrated
-extra dog bags incase of emergency
-dog waste disposal bins
-benches for owners to sit and watch


-quite small so not a ton of space for dogs to run around
-can get overcrowded on evenings and weekends
-can get large puddles when it rains (however I find it to be cleaner than most dog parks because there is no grass only gravel)
-water pumps shut off in the winter so be sure to bring your own water

Charleson Park

Charleson Park on February 5 2018. View of false creek and city in background.  Charleson Park off-leash dog park. View from seawall onto dark park grass bowl area.


-999 Charleson St.
-Fairview neighbourhood, previous home of the “jelly beans”


-large open park
-great for playing fetch as there is lots of space for dogs to run around
-small area with a waterfall/pond
-trail section
-along seawall, water views and great views of downtown


-Only a low fence on the seawall side, so make sure your dog has good recall to stay close
-Restrictions as to hours that dogs can be off-leash in certain areas of the park:

  • Grass bowl off-leash times: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Waterfall pond: Oct-May off-leash times all day; June-Sept dogs must be on-leash from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

-Very muddy on rainy days

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Dog Park Vancouver view from a side street


-4600 Cambie St. (E 37th and Columbia)


-wide open grass area for dogs to run around and play fetch
-surrounded by a large park to walk your dog on-leash
-quiet neighbourhood


-off-leash area is quite small considering the overall size of the park
-roads surrounding it and no fence
-no water
-limited garbages

Quilchena Park

Dog in front of Quilchena Park sign  

Quilchena Park Vancouver Sign


-4590 Magnola St. (Between W33rd Ave. and Pine St.)


-large grassed park for dogs to run around
-lots of space to play fetch


-very muddy when rainy

Pacific Spirit Park

Pacific Spirit Park off-leash dog park beautiful view of pacific ocean  Pacific Spirit Park Vancouver off-leash trail view of ocean

Pacific Spirit Park Vancouver sign on park entry  Goldendoodle at Pacific Spirit Park


-5495 Chancellor Blvd


-off-leash and on-leash walking trails
-beautiful views of water and mountains
-varies in terrain from flat to slight hills to stairs.


-can have lots of muddy spots when rains
-no fence and mountain cliffs so some risk if your dog doesn’t stay close
-not many garbages along route
-no water stations
-cyclists use some of the paths so watch out for them

Everett Crowley Park

Goldendoodle on large tire at Everett Crowley Park Vancouver


-8200 Kerr St.


-large park with on-leash and off-leash trails
-water jugs and bowls
-garbages available


-very muddy in rainy weather
-depending where you go on the trail you may be confused as to if you are on an on-leash or off-leash trail. There is signage but not at all path crossings


Now that I have presented you with some options of local dog friendly areas, get out and enjoy some quality time outdoors with your favourite furry friend!



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