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8 Dog Walking Equipment Essentials

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Safety is Top Priority At Good Heels Dog Walking Services  safety is our number one priority when client’s dogs are in our care. An important aspect of keeping dogs safe is using proper equipment. By ensuring we select high quality, proper fitting equipment that is appropriate for each individual dog we can maintain a high level of control while minimizing …

Teaching Your Dog to Heel

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What Does it Mean for a Dog to Heel? The “heel” cue means that the dog must walk directly beside the person walking him, not in front or behind. The dog must stay with the person walking him at all times, keeping at the same pace and only walking when the person is walking. Why Would I Want My Dog …

Loose Leash Dog Walking 101

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  Dogs Love to Pull. You Can Train Them Not To It is in a dog’s very nature to want to wander around, explore and sniff things while outdoors. When a dog pulls on the leash to try to sniff things it can be very frustrating for you as the owner.  Being able to train your dog to be good …