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Dog Treats Recommended by Good Heels Dog Walking

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There are lots of dog treats on the market, so how do you choose which ones to purchase for your dog?

There are many factors that you may consider when deciding on what treats to give your dog. These may include: quality of ingredients, perceived taste, size, whether it can be broken down into smaller pieces, etc. Some treats are better for everyday positive reinforcement of already mastered behaviours, some better for training new behaviours and some are better for more special/newly introduced behaviours or difficult behaviours. Treat choice is also very dependant on the dog.

I have compiled a list of my favourite treats to give my dog and the dogs I walk with explanations as to what makes them good treats. I have also included some food reinforcers that you can find right in your fridge or any grocery store. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to decide which treats to give your dogs too.

Store Bought Treats

1)Pure Bites Freeze Dried Treats:

Beef liver, chicken and lamb liver Pure Bites dog treats

Why I like These Treats:

-They come in different meat flavours: chicken, beef liver or lamb liver.

-100% pure meat source.

-Natural, pure and easy to digest.

-No preservatives.

-Made from only one ingredient.

-Low calorie.

-High in protein.

-Ideal for dogs who are overweight.

-They are good for dogs with health issues including: diabetes, GI disorders, allergies or are on a restricted diet.

-Aside from using them as treats, they are great to use as a food topper for picky eaters. Just break down half or a whole piece into flakes and top it onto food. Your dog will love the flavour and will eat the kibble underneath too.


-Liver is very rich. If too much liver is consumed it may cause loose stools. It is important to  limit daily intake to the recommended amount and break big pieces down into multiple small rewards.

-Liver treats are better used as a special reward for a new behaviour or difficult behaviour rather than as a normal everyday positive reinforcement.

Where to buy:

-Most pet food stores, local and chain, carry these. They come in a few different sized bags.

2)Dog Delights Beef Tendersticks

Goldendoodle sitting on couch with a bag of Dog Delights Beef Tendersticks dog treats.

Why I Like These Treats:

-100% pure Canadian beef.

-No preservatives.

-Sticks can be broken down into very small pieces to be used for many sessions throughout the day or longer period of time.

-Since you are able to break them down into smaller pieces they are suitable for many different sizes of dogs.

-They are made in Canada.

Where to buy:

-A large bag can be bought at Costco for low cost and lasts a very long time.

3) Zukes Mini Naturals

Zukes Mini Naturals Duck Flavoured dog treats

Why I Like These Treats:

-Small size which makes them great for training.

-Low in calories.

-They come in a variety of different flavours.

-They are made from high quality ingredients including: protein rich meat, wholefood berries, and savory herbs.

-Free from common allergens: no corn, no wheat, no soy.

Where to buy:

-Pet Food & More, Bosleys and Petsmart carry these. I imagine many local pet food stores would carry them as well.

From Your Fridge




-Hot dogs

-Diced chicken or any other meat your dog enjoys.


Your dog’s own kibble

-Kibble is great as an every day reinforcer but not likely a high enough reward to train a new or difficult behaviour.

-Kibble is a safe bet if your dog has allergies, can eat his own kibble and you have difficulty finding a treat you know they will be ok with.


The treats I have listed can be used for training and reinforcing good walking behaviours including loose leash walking and heeling. I hope your dog enjoys these treats as much as mine does! Happy Training!






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