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6 Reasons to Sign Your Dog up for Group Walks

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Socialization and exercise are important for a happy, healthy dog. If you are unable to provide your dog with the exercise and socialization opportunities he or she needs then a group dog walk with a professional dog walker may be a great option for your dog. If the idea of group dog walks is new to you or you are unsure if they would be beneficial for your dog here are some of the reasons why you should sign your dog up for group walks today!

1) Socialization

Group of different breeds of dogs sitting together

  • Socialization is one of the top reasons why dog owners decide to sign there dogs up for group walks.
  • Your dog will be able to socialize with dogs of different breeds, gender, and sizes.
  • It is important for puppies to socialize and have positive experiences with all different types of dogs when they are young so that they understand that new and different does not mean bad and scary. Socializing dogs as puppies helps to prevent behavioural issues that may develop as they grow older. A well socialized dog is a confident dog and a dog that will enjoy new people, places and animals throughout his or her life and less likely to be fearful or act aggressively out of fear.
  • Your dog will make new dog friends and will enjoy spending time socializing with them.

2) Learning Good Behaviours From Other Dogs

Group of dogs walking with dog walker

  • Dogs can pick up on good behaviour from other dogs.
  • If other dogs in the group are walking on a loose leash close beside the dog walker, sitting for the dog walker or running back to the dog walker when they are called and are rewarded for it then your dog will learn that if he does that behaviour he too will be rewarded for it and will be more likely to perform that behaviour.



3) Group Walks are Fun!


  • Three puppies playingMost dogs enjoy the company of other dogs and playing with other dogs.
  • Signing your dog up for group walks allows him or her to have regularly scheduled play dates with his or her friends. Your dog will love you for it and be a happier, well behaved dog for you in return.





4) Lots of Exercise


Goldendoodle sleeping in a ball on couch

  • Dogs tend to run around and play more when they are with other dogs. Your dog will be getting a ton of exercise on a group walk.
  • Lots of exercise makes for a tired dog who will sleep when left alone the rest of the day. Your dog is less likely to be destructive out of boredom.





5) Under the Care of a Professional Dog Walker


  • Two doodles and dog walker at parkIf you sign your dog up for group walks with a Professional Certified Dog Walker then you know
    that your dog walker will have education in pet first aid, canine communication, dog walking safety and experience with dog walking in general.
  • Your dog will be put in a group with other compatible friendly dogs and socializing with dogs that have all their vaccinations.
  • You will have piece of mind knowing that your dog will be well cared for when socializing with other dogs.
  • Your dog walker will do all they can to keep your dog safe.


6) Experience New Sights and Smells

Dog sniffing around in grass

  • Your dog will be taken to parks or trails that you may not normally take them to so he or she will get to experience new places and sniff lots of new smells.
  • Experiencing a variety of different sights, sounds, smells and situations is also an important part of socializing a puppy.





As you can see there are lots of wonderful reasons for a dog to join group walks. Good Heels Dog Walking Services provides group walks in small groups of 2-4 dogs. If you are unsure if your dog would be a good candidate for group walks contact us to discuss your dog and schedule a meet and greet. More information on our services can be found on our homepage.





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